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Cycling in Iceland: Rain, Bright Nights, Stunning Views and Unbeatable Adventures | Your Travel Choice Blog

  By Thomas Marvin Back in 2006 my friend Legs and I packed our bags and bikes and headed to Iceland for a 6 week pootle round the island. We’d originally been looking at cycling …Read More

Malaysia has emerged as a leading eco-tourism haven

 Jul 13, 2011 “Going green” is a phenomenon that has been permeating in all aspects of life – including travel. A consistent growing percentage of travelers are looking for destinations and activities that offer nature-based …Read More

Local IQ – Eco Adventures


New program developed by the New Mexico Department of Tourism promotes environmental and cultural travel inside state borders By Cristina Olds From the Gila Wilderness to Taos Pueblo, New Mexico offers travelers untamed nature, deep …Read More

Across Maasai Land Initiative: In Joseph Thomson’s Footsteps

    By Ezekiel Ole Katato Joseph Thomson, the 19th century explorer and first white man to cross Maasai Land on a caravan in 1883 and came out alive, was a pioneer reporter who wrote …Read More

What is Eco-Tourism?


Eco-Tourism is responsible travel to fragile, pristine, and usually protected areas that strive to be low impact and small scale. Its purpose is to educate the traveler; provide funds for ecological conservation; directly benefit the …Read More